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Golgotha X The Black Candle Split Zine

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Image of Golgotha X The Black Candle Split Zine

One huge fat fucker of a zine... 80 pages. A5 size. Includes a mini poster and a sticker.

The Black Candle part is 24 pages of dark as fuck chaos layout and has interviews with Runhild Gammelsæter of THORR'S HAMMER, THE WAY TO LIGHT, THE INFAMOUS... GEHENNA, fetish photographer Helmut Wolech, some reviews and other bits and pieces. The Golgotha part is cleanly designed and consists of interviews with AMESTIGON, OFERMOD, OLD ARRIVAL, CHAOS ECHOES, VLK, BONE AWL / RASPBERRY BULBS, visual artist Hafsteinn Viðar Ársælsson and author Ulrike Serowy.

The price is postage paid in Austria. If you're happy enough to not live here, please pick your option. And yes, shipping is brutally expensive. Don't blame me.